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My son is 3 years old.

He often asks me what it was like when he was still inside me. Was my belly really so big, that I could not even tie grandpa's robe around me? And why am I wearing daddy's baggy football T-shirt on that picture where we were furnishing his little room-to-be? It crosses my mind more and more often: what it was like when I had a bump? I still have grandpa's old robe - a real retro style piece, by the way - and also that T-shirt... and those few highly priced maternity clothes I had bought on one of our weekend tours in Vienna.
A girlfriend of mine is in the sixth month of her pregnancy. She is expecting a girl. Last time she visited me, I bumped into these photos again. Benedek was looking at them trying to figure out who had a bigger belly... and whether one can really see if it is a boy or a girl in there.... or if it is just something Granny always seems to to know. Then he wrapped a plush puppy into one of his daddy's big T-shirts and handed it over - as a present - to our guest. You would surely not need anything else before having the baby. In the worst case, we could lend you Grandpa's big robe...

This is how it began... I think. This is how b.boom was born.

And it is just like how I imagined it to be: a cosy little store, easy to find and likeable. Where you can dress up and buy presents as well.
There are no baggy maternity clothes, no overalls, and here you do not have to feel that your have to give up your style because your shape is changing. We have filled up our collection with the comfy, stylish, wearable, and not too expensive piecies of Danish, Dutch and British designers so that the basic collection can be combined with some special, occasional or extreme pieces as well.

b.boom – it's how the world goes round...